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What You Need to Know About Fracking (

  “Drill, Baby, Drill!” That was the popular 2008 slogan of the McCain-Palin campaign. Five years later, many Americans still aren’t aware of the implications of drilling, or “fracking,” as it’s called in the oil industry. Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” is the process of pumping a mixture of water and other chemicals into the ground […]

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STREET HARASSMENT: Every Woman’s War (

I am walking down the street, headed to work, wearing a loosely fitting dress and high heels. I know that the light breeze will cling to my body at times, but I feel good. Confident even, and ready to take on the week. I see them before they see me: five men, some shirtless because […]

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Love Beyond Valentine’s Day (HUFFINGTON POST)

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day quotes is not from a beautiful sonnet or anthology, but by musician Andre 3000, who says, “Every day is the 14th.” It’s a trite, simple idea that we hear time and again, especially when companies shove glittered greeting cards, cheaply made bears holding hearts and red candy down our […]