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Posted on January 13, 2015 by K. Braswell on Interviews

British Singer FKA Twigs Talks Music, Finding Her Voice, and Those Famous Baby Hairs (

There’s something peculiar yet familiar about British singer FKA Twigs. Perhaps it’s the way her voice, cloaked in vulnerability, echoes into a crowd, or how her baby hair sprawls across her face like your favorite homegirl’s hairstyle back in the day.

Born in Gloucestershire, U.K. as Tahliah Barnett to a part-Spanish mother and Jamaican father, Twigs embodies a familiarity that still gives way to a certain mystique. Onstage, her voice hangs onto a spare beat before releasing itself into a calculated whisper. Her body writhes with precision in a display of sensuality and defiance. Twigs insists that this in not an act, but rather, a glimpse of a woman coming into herself with conviction.