Kristin Braswell, Writer, Producer, Traveler
Posted on December 29, 2014 by K. Braswell on Travel

One Day in Sonoma Valley (Jetsetter)

For full wine indulgence, turn over the wheel to someone else like Vin de Luxe Luxury Wine Tours. Start with a Mexican breakfast at El Molino Central, which serves classics like the chilaquiles merida and Blue Bottle Coffee (a Bay Area favorite). Grab a seat near the kitchen to watch the staff hand-press tortillas (you can buy some to bring home, along with fresh masa and locally grown tomatoes for salsa). After breakfast, things start to look up—as in, up in the sky—as you board a 1926 Travelair biplane (through Coastal Air Tours) to survey the Sonoma Valley’s sun-drenched farmland, mountain tops, forests and rushing rivers.

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